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tmg_icons's Journal

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TMG Icons
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TMG Icons

Welcome to tmg_icons. This is an icon community shared by pokemastersan and glistengirli. We both try to update as much as possible, and make icons (and sometimes other graphics) of many different fandoms - Harry Potter, Disney, Anime, LOST, tons of other different TV shows and movies, stock, and more. Please stick around, and if you like any of the icons you see, then please friend our community for updates in the future. All our updates are also listed in the memories, so feel free to look there if you're looking for a certain subject. I hope you enjoy our icons.


1. Please give credit to tmg_icons.
2. Don't steal, please.
3. Don't hotlink.
4. Textless icons are not bases, unless otherwise noted in post. You may, however, add text and such for your own personal use.
5. We love comments. You don't have to comment, but it'd be nice. ;)

How To Give Credit


GlistenGirli: Open.
Pokemaster SAN Open.

We'll try to finish requests as soon as possible when asked.


icon_byn creative_kt magique_icons icondrama crazedicons _graphiclove leafygreens majesticons toxiic_graphics spicycons picassiette lamenticons jubilee_icons raverbelleicons illusion_iicons suddenlyfeline celebrityparty pichus_paradise nerdsindisguise poisonoak_icons piccadilly_walk rockin_graphix starlit_grphcs taffizahs_iconz iconclusion twistedcuteness madeby_bethy angelkath hp_showcase psychicons

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magickaldreamer meleada artistbynight _joni helloicons colortone myrasis soulspring colorfilter ewanism arisubox Simple Dreams.com
Team Artail for Sonic X screencaps.


For things like a Photobucket paid account. I understand completely if you can't donate! Thanks so, so much if you do. Even a dollar helps!
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