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One Piece - Sanji!

pokemastersan in tmg_icons

Colorbars: Mixed-breeds, corgis, beagles, squirrels, and penguins

The penguin one is a suggestion for one with more variety on the breeds than the last one I made. So that's why I randomly now have two different penguin ones. ;)


[3] Mixed-Breeds
[1] Corgis
[1] Beagles
[1] Squirrels
[1] Penguins

-Feel free to friend my icon journal.
-I love comments.
-I take colorbar requests.


how do I claim the colorbars? And is it possible to upload colorbars in my LJ?
Sorry - what do you mean claim? You're more than welcome to take and use any of these. To put them in your Live Journal, just copy and paste the code that's under the colorbar where you want it to go.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question. ^^
Snagged Corgis! <3
You are amazing! ♥~ Thank you so much for making squirrels!! I took that one and the Corgis one because I've got a Corgi and I'm loyal. :)
Iiieee! Nabbed the first mixed breed one and the squirrel one!
Thanks so much for making them and sharing! ^-^

Snagged the penguins, and to Dobies from the previous colorbar entry.

Would love to see a Pet Rat or Pet Mouse one though =)
I like the mix-breeds very well. I too had a mix-breed from a friend that I was going to walk with every day, since I moved on. And now, everytime I'm visiting home I visit him, and everytime he's crazy for this days *lol*
yay! thanks, i snagged the beagle one!!
Consider your squirrels snaffled! :D
Totally snagging that ^^
Snagged corgis! Yay!
Cute! Snagging the mixed breed and penguins colorbars!
Totally late here, but had to say that I'm also snagging the Corgis <3
taking the corgi one.
Taking corgis and mixed breeds! Thanks!
OMG I <3 SQUIRRELS!!! I also snagged hot chocolate and bunnies :) Can you do a guinea pig one?
saving the corgi colorbar to send to my brother ::laughs::
so cute
I'm snagging the penguin one. So cute!
Beagles. Squirrels. Penguins. Thanks.
taking the penguin one!!


your amazing at these!

April 2011



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