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One Piece - Sanji!

pokemastersan in tmg_icons

Colorbars: Gray and white cats, gray cats, white cats, chihuahuas and german shepherds

Still taking requests for colorbars. Also, because of the large amount of requests I got before and because I'd like to be able to put these all into the memories, you may get spammed with these posts for a bit - sorry!


[1] Gray and White Cats
[1] Gray Cats
[1] White Cats
[1] Chihuahuas
[2] German Shepherds

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Ooh, those are wonderfully awesome! You've got quite an artistic eye! I love the white cat colorbar & those German Shepherds are beautiful!

I was wondering if I could request a sugar glider color bar, but I wasn't sure how easy it would be to find stock photos of them.
I'm very glad you like them. ^^

I'd be more than happy to make it, but I do seem to be having a lot of trouble finding images. :( Do you know where I might be able to find some?
None that fall under the stock photo category, no. <=/ The majority of the sugar glider images I know of are personal photographs. I could still link you to the gallery but you'd have to ask the photographer for their permission first. Would you like the link?
I actually was able to find a few pictures! :) There were only five, but it was still enough for a colorbar. Hope it's okay; here!
Oh nice, taking the german shepherd one! Are you taking requests for other animals? I'd love to see a pembroke welsh corgi one! hehe
I have a Corgi one here. ^_^
Yay that's fantastic, AND a squirrel one! AWESOME.

Hmmmm ok what else can I request since you already made what I wanted haha.

Howabout bison? There are a lot of gorgeous pictures of the American Buffalo out there! ^^;
How cute! Have you done a Great Dane colorbar before?
Here you go. ^_^
The cat colorbars are adorable! I'd request one of my cat's colors, but....she's sort of a white, tabby, and tortoiseshell mix. XP

Have you ever made any Legend of Zelda colorbars? Particularly of Ocarina of Time.
Thank you. :)

I haven't, but I'd be more than happy to make some. I adore Legend of Zelda too much not to. XD I'll make a few different ones - anything particular you can think of I should make?
That'd be awesome! Nothing really in particular, though I love Link, and Ocarina of Time. Maybe a colorbar with the different versions of Link from various games in the series?
I grabbed the GSD one, but I was wondering...why not do a colorbar with more than just black and tan GSDs? They come in sable, bicolor, black, white, silver and black...a whooole host of different colors. :D
I added one to this post with a few different colors in it. Hope it looks okay. ;)

April fools.

loooove em
Using the Grey cat one. Thanks!
the chihuahuas one is AMAZING! thank you! X
Took the Grey cat one=)
GSDs!!!!!!! <3333
Taking german shepherds, thanks!
Using the grey cats bar! Thank you!
Giving the gray cats a good home. Thanks.
I want to have the fith cat (at the first colorbar). It's so cute. Well, all of them are cute but that in particular is... awesome ^^
I love the German Shepherd banners!

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