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One Piece - Sanji!

pokemastersan in tmg_icons

Colorbars: Pugs, Siberian Huskies, Boxers, Penguins and Bunny Rabbits

These are some of the suggestions from the last post; five at a time so I can put them in memories.


[1] Pugs
[1] Siberian Huskies
[1] Boxers
[1] Penguins
[1] Bunny Rabbits

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-I love comments.


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<-- keeping an eye out for beagles!
Beagles are here. ^_^
I looove them, thank you so much agaiiin :)
That is one of the most awesome icons ever - I can't stop watching it!

Snagging the Huskies and the Penguins. Thanks for sharing!

*has no idea what post you are talking about but is hoping German Shepherd Dogs will show up somewhere!*
There's a German Shepherd colorbar here. ;)

Maybe you could make a squirrels one sometime? Pretty please? ♥
Here you go. :)
Omg, you totally ROCK for making a pug dog and penguin color bar!!! Taking both of them, will credit, of course! Hope you make more soon ^_^
How do I save the penguin colorbar? And is it possible to upload one on LJ?
Gotta steal the huskies and penguins!
snagging the pugs, they're all adorable and look amazing
Aw, the huskies are gorgeous! :3
I love your icon btw! hide is a god.
Aaslkjdalsk ♥

Taking the bunny rabbits one~! ♥ ♥ ♥

request from a fan!!

hey! your animated icons are the best i have seen, NO JOKE. two request?
could you make an icon of the bouncing bunnies from wallace and gromit- the curse of the wererabbit? they are the cutest.
and two, i saw you made some howl's moving castle icons. could you make one of Markl, Turniphead, and the dog Heen all bouncing up and down excitedly after the laundry?
if it's too much, i understand. but if you could i would be so appreciative!!!!!! thank you icon-guru!
Ooh, I love the penguin one! I was wondering if you could do one with other penguins as well, not just emperors. Like a variety of penguins in one bar. That's be awesome. ^.^;;
Here - hope you like it. ^_^
they are beautiful!! is it possible to see somttimes something like this with cats?
Oh squee! I'm yoinking the penguin one. And have I mentioned lately that I love you? ♥
I've grabbed the Boxer one - I've had boxers my whole life, and the set in the bar are adorable =) Thanks!
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