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One Piece - Sanji!

pokemastersan in tmg_icons

Colorbars: Wolf's Rain, Pomeranians, Black Cats, Horses and Rottweilers


[7] Wolf's Rain
[1] Pomeranians
[1] Black Cats
[1] Horses
[1] Rottweilers

I plan to make a few more of the Wolf's Rain ones, I'll edit this post with them when I do. But if you want any certain ones, please tell me. And if you want to suggest a dog breed/animal colorbar, feel free. (:

-Feel free to friend my icon journal.
-I love comments.


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Could I please suggest a pug one? My girlfriend absolutely worships pugs and I know would be ecstatic with one. :o)
How's this? :)

Might I suggest a Siberian Husky one? :)
Is this okay? ^^

...@____@ *FLAILS*

I love the WR colourbars SO MUCH, particularly the Toboe and Blue/Hige ones. ♥♥♥

Can I suggest one with Hubb and Cher? :D
I'm glad you like them. ^_^

I added a Hubb, Cher, and HubbxCher - I meant to do those, anyway, I love Hubb and Cher. :)
My first Pom was Dottie. The one I have now is called Mocha. Love the bar. Snagging using on my GJ. Will credit. Won't hotlink. Thanks.
Might I suggest a Boxer one? :3
Sure thing, here ya go.
Wow so kind of you to create extra costum colourbars too!
First I must ask: I am kind of new to LJ (around some months), what is the sense of these colourbars? I've seen them on some userinfos.
I would looooove a penguin or bunny colourbar if this would anyhow possitlble! Yours are so pretty, I am sure they would look fantastic!
I love all your work so much :)
Thank you very much. :) Colorbars are generally just to show your support of something; some people put them in userinfos, other in a Live Journal entry of their's. That's mainly what they're for. ^^ Sorry if I misunderstood your question!

And I made a penguin and bunny colorbar, here. ^^
so lovely! do you have a gray/white kitten/cat one? i love these colorbars! ♥
Thanks. :) I don't have one, but I'd be more than happy to make one. Did you want one like a grey cat one, or a grey and white cat one? (In other words, "grey cats are love" or "grey and white cats are love?") Or did you mean one for grey cats and one for white cats? XD
These are beautiful. I've sent the link to my daughter, who loves Wolf's Rain.

Is there a tutorial somewhere for making color bars?
snagged the black cat bar, will credit when used!
Ditto! ^-^
ooo lovely color bars...can I suggest German Shepards? ^^
ohh almost forgot how about a Pigeon one too?
Taken the horses one!
Aww!! The rottweiler one is so cute! So is the Siberian Husky. I just might have to snag that. xDD

Oh, and if you wouldn't mind or if you have time, etc., may I suggest a doberman pinscher colorbar? =D I LOVE pinschers! It's sad that people misuse/abuse them and they have such a bad rep...
Here you go! Hope it's okay, sorry it took so long. ^^ I agree with the bad rep thing; any breed can be sweet if treated right.
awww! i love them!
Taking the black cat colorbar. Love it! Might I suggest a golden retriever one or an orange/yellow cat one? :)
Both are here. ^_^ Hope you like them.
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