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One Piece - Sanji!

pokemastersan in tmg_icons


I know what you're thinking.
"I sure could use some ponies right now."
I'll help you with that.

[35] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


Ponies. Ponies. Ponies. Ponies. Ponies.Collapse )

Now with more Derpy.

-Feel free to friend my icon journal for updates.
-Please give credit to tmg_icons.
-Sanny loves comments. Not necessary but I love them.


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I love all your pony icons! The cropping and pacing of the animation are always so nice. Pretty sure I have all the posts in my Memories. >u< Just wondering, why always the black border? There are some I think would look a little softer without it. :3

Re: <3!

Thanks! The black borders are just a personal preference, an animated icon feels incomplete to me without one. But if there's any you want without a black border, I can make remake them.
27 and 30 blink in unison.
Totally snagging the Rarity ones! Will credit of course. <3
I snagged some.
I wanna see MOAR! These are amazing!
THE DJ-P0N3!!!!

AWESOME!!! I am so snagging! Will credit.

Good job! Hope to see more of these in the future!
These are great. Taking burning Twilight and some Fluttershy.
Haha, I love these. Will credit for the ones I took.
"I sure could use some ponies right now."

That's exactly what I was thinking! These are so awesome!

And thank you for making one with Spike! He deserves so much more love than he gets!!
Love 'em! Totally snagged a few.
Your icons are the best and so I was wondering if maybe you could make some icons from the All Dogs Go to Heaven and especially the icons with Charlie. PLEASE!:)
<3 these!
DJ ponnnnnyyyyyyyy <33333333333

gankin' her. so much love for the icons. <3
love these!! saving a bunch!!
Taking some more. These are beautiful and funny. =D
I love these. I saved a bunch of them in this post and your other Pony post.

(little request - could you make the Time Ponies? ~Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase~ <3)
love these! thanks, taking #25, will cred!

This makes me so happy because I just recently got into FiM and I'm totally fangirling over it and doodling ponies and crap. Especially Derpy. She's my favorite. ♥

Amazing! Grabbing a bunch. Will credit. Thanks :)
Taking many!

Wish I had known about this community sooner! ><;
i really love how you seem to always capture the best moments!! i snatched a few ponies just in case i'll ever grow tired of all the amazing chi icons. xD

are you going to do more pokemon icons soon? and if so, could you do some with emonga, preeeetty please? that'd be incredibly awsm x3!
Sorry for the late reply! Sure, I can do some with Emonga. =) Next time I post up an icon set, I'll put in a few and link you. <3
Snagged several, will credit. Thank you! :~)
Took some from the comments that were without borders... Wish there were more without border to be honest :] They are all so lovely.
Your icons are great, can you tell me which episode is the icon number 32?PLEASE!
You know what I am always thinking? "I sure could use some ponies right now." Clearly I have come to the right place.

Nabbed a bunch, will credit.
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