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Pokemon Sprite Icons

Hey, everybody! I love the moving Pokemon sprites, so here's Pokemon 1-50 of them in icon form. I plan to make more, but if you have a Pokemon you want, request it! I'll be glad to go ahead and make it so you don't have to wait for it. These are fun to make, so I don't mind a bit. <3 Hope you like them!

[50] Pokemon Sprite Icons (#1-50)


The rest this way.Collapse )

-Feel free to friend my icon journal for updates.
-Please give credit to tmg_icons.
-I love comments, but you can snag without a comment!


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I'd love to see Chikorita when you have the chance. ^_^ Chichi is my favorite of all Pokemon.

Hope you like it! =)
these are so badass!! any chance i could get a wobbuffet or togepi and oshawott one? sorry if that's a lot, but i would really appreciate it! :)

Hope they're okay!
Oh man, these are awesome. <3 The background designs are really pretty, too. Snagging of bunch, will credit when used!
Aww, they're so cute! :3 Could I have a Persian one?
Sure! Here's Persian:

Hope you like it!
These are super awesome!

Could you possibly make a Slowbro? If you already plan on doing it ni the future, I can wait though :)
Thanks! Here's Slowbro:

Hope you like it!
Oh these are so awesome, I love them! Could you make a Slowpoke, please please?
Thank you! Here you go:

Hope you like it!
Love these. Taking a few. ^^
These are awesome

I would love to see a Honchkrow one if you have time!
Thanks! Here's Honchkrow:

Hope you like it!
Oh... I'm in love @_@
If I can make a request, could you please make me one of Swadloon/Kurumayu? ^^
How's this:

Hope you like it!
Aw, I love these!
Very lovely icons.

Could I please request Dialga, if possible?
Thanks! Here you go:

Hope it's okay!
These are amazing!
*snagged a lot*
Thanks! Here you go:

I hope you like them!
Here you go!

I hope you like them!
OMG these are sooo cute! Can you make an Arcanine?
Here's Arcanine. ;D

Hope you like it!
The-ese are so amazing!

If it's not too much trouble, could I bother you for Vaporeon and Flareon? Pretty please?
No problem!

I hope you like them! =)
All of these are so, so amazing! I was wondering if you could possibly make me a Reuniclus and Desukaan icon, please? Thank you very much in advance!
Thanks. =) Here you go:

Hope they're okay!
Oh man these icons are so much love.

If you are still taking requests I would love Sneasel and Virizion. If not IT'S OKAY I'LL STICK TO ADMIRING.
Here you go:

I hope you like them. =)
i love these!!! would you mind: bellosom, growlithe, jolteon, quilava, cyndaquil, ponyta, typhlosion, cleffa, eevee, umbreon, leafeon, glaceon? i love eevee evolutions :)
Here you go:

Hope you like them!
I love those. :) Thanks for your hard work!

Would you mind posting Poliwag, Cherubi or Furret as well?
Sorry for the long wait!

i'm in heaven!
Ganked the Jigglypuff one!
Hi, I LOVE these icons. I was wondering, if it's not too late, if you would terribly mind making Feraligatr and/or Swampert ones?

I'd credit if you do of course.
Love it <3
I snagged Ivysaur. These are all great! And it's really nice of you to take everyone's requests.
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