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One Piece - Sanji!

pokemastersan in tmg_icons

Boston Terriers, Dolphins, Robins, Sunsets, and Food

Just about as random as you can get; the hot chocolate one's my favorite. I may have to fix me a cup.


[1] Boston Terriers
[1] Dolphins
[1] Robins
[1] Sunsets
[7] Food and Drink

-Feel free to friend my icon journal.
-I love comments.
-I take colorbar requests.


You have made me hungry. My mom is going to hate you again. =P
Hey, it's not like they didn't make me hungry. Think of all the pictures of fantastic food I had to look at to make those colorbars. ;P
These are great!
Love the three Cs

Chocolate - solid
Chocolate - hot &

And I'm starving.

Let's all go have dolphin sushi!
With a side of fried robin.
Question? What font did you use?
Calibri on italics. :)
Thank You! :)
Took hot chocolate and chocolate ones . . . Yummy! ^_^
Really nice, hon :)
Oh I will snaff one of these~! V.Niiice~!

Maybe a Turtle colorbar? ^_^
Or Tea!
I'm like... just... starving right now... °_°
Beautiful colorbars~ Will credit when using one of these~ (very very soon x))
snagged the cookies, hot cocoa, and coffie colorbars. will credit when used!

These are great!
Took pizza & coffe=)

Edited at 2008-05-26 07:25 pm (UTC)
Now you made me hungry, my mom will hate you when I go down and ruin my appetite for dinner!
Hello there! ^_^

I took sunset and Pizza. Yummy.

Thank you so much!

I'm taking the fourth sunset I icon; I will credit and thank you very much! Lovely stuff :)
Oh duhh they're colourbars *iz stupid* Well I get all five then! :D
took hot chocolate cause the marshmellows were irresistable
Could I request a shelties colorbar? :) Thanks!
If its alright to request..

I already have the German Shepherd one.. But my Shepherd is white :>
Very nice. Took the coffee one! Thanks!
These are magnificent!

You would be my hero forever if you made an Alice in Wonderland color bar ♥
Thank you! Snagged the BT!
saved loads will credit :)
Hey, I first stumbled across your icons on the ghibli comm. I always love / look forward to the graphics you come up with, so... thanks!
Woha, I'm definitly taking the sushi colourbar <3 Thanks :3
Very nice colorbars!
I'm taking hot chocolate and sushi. ^^
Thank you~
i took many of bars! i put your LJ in my profile
I'd really love to see you do a Siamese cat color bar. x3
I love your color bars! They're so clear and gorgeous. I'm currently using your corgi, ferret and squirrel ones!

I would love to see a goat color bar!
Hi there, lovely colorbars! You said you take requests, so I would like to request a Pitbull colorbar. I ♥ them. :)
These area wonderdul colorbars!

I'd be taking the coffee, sunsets, and sushi; and will credit (n_n)
I took chocolate and cookies ones, will credits
I will be taking the sushi one, crediting, and then wondering how I can get sushi at 3:46 am. :D
Love all of 'em. BTW Kirby/Metaknight icons? I love the metaknight one you are using for this post :o
Taking dolphins and some of the food ones, thanks! Again, will credit!
oh all are so cute, i'm taking the BT and sushi ones. Thank you!
Hey I love your color bars and I use a few already, but I thought of a request! I dug back a little ways and couldn't find one, but could you do a goat colorbar?
It's so awesummmm!!! Memming and will credit you when I use them >w<
I love the Bosties!!
Looking at all this food made me hungry big time! I will credit if I use them!
Can I take most of colorbar in that post? Please! There are... well, you make me silence. Really. All of colorbar I've seen today are so cute to find a word.
Hot chocolate is love and hamburgers are love ( first one ) Slurp! Yum!
Oh, they are lovely! Taking a bunch, and of course, will credit.

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